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Residential evaporative cooling

Do you enjoy being outdoors or socializing by the pool maybe eating on the deck or tending to the garden?

Hospitality evaporative cooling

Commercial establishments, whether large or small would like to create a pleasant environment.


Heat Stress can adversely affect employees’ health and noticeably reduce productivity.

Visual Effects

High Pressure Dry Misting is a brilliant and creative way to enhance and create visual effects..

Welcome To Magique Mist
Misting Systems

Magique Mist is a leader in the field of High Pressure Dry Misting Systems. High Pressure Dry Misting Systems can be used for evaporative cooling, humidification and dust control. High Pressure Dry Misting Systems can be successfully integrated in industries such as mining, agriculture, paper, printing and many more. Magique Mist is your one stop solutions provider and manufacturer of High Pressure Dry Misting Systems.

Design, Manufacture & Installation

We design, manufacture, supply, install and service Misting Systems for all residential, commercial and industrial markets. Magique Mist develops High Pressure Dry Mist solutions and products ensuring you of the best fit for purpose products, made in South Africa. Our products are supplied both locally and internationally.

Less Energy Consumption

High Pressure Dry Misting systems consume far less energy in comparison to conventional air-conditioning units. Systems can easily be installed in factories, home patios, garden umbrellas, restaurants and parasols. High pressure Misting also allows for the use of misting fans which is an excellent choice for residential, commercial and industrial evaporative cooling purposes. Misting is a naturally safe, convenient and environmentally cost-effective way to provide cooling. Evaporative cooling with High Pressure Dry Misting reduces heat-stress, increases staff productivity and creates a healthy and comfortable work environment for both staff and customers.

Humidity Control

Humidity plays an essential part in most production processes. Many businesses will use a humidifier at some point to solve humidity concerns. A cost effective way to maintain a stable EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) is through artificial humidification. This is easily achieved by installing a High Pressure Dry Misting system. Find out how to use High Pressure Dry Misting to effectively humidify buildings, warehouses and factories for optimum productivity and profitability.

Environmental dust is a health hazard

Environmental dust can be a significant health hazard for staff and the public alike. Airborne and fugitive dust is generated in many industrial processes and is often difficult if not impossible to control. Effective dust suppression can be achieved by installing a purpose build High Pressure Dry Misting system where required. Find out how to create a safer working environment for staff. Reduce product defects and increase productivity by controlling airborne dust.

Effective cooling on events

High Pressure Dry Misting systems are great for effective cooling of sporting events, festivals, shows and fairs. Excellent cooling can be achieved on the hottest of days through the use of misting fans and static misting lines fixed to a structure. Along with events cooling, High Pressure Dry Misting can also be used to create a visual effect. High Pressure Dry Misting is an effective and humane deterrent of birds, bees, flies and mosquitoes.