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Are you embracing the “B” word in hotel hospitality?


Biophilia is defined as a human’s preference for nature. It is the affinity for living things and the natural world, and when they combine, they increase the positive impacts experienced by humans. Enhance and improve this biophilia effect for your guests, and you will see guests spend more, stay longer, be more loyal and be less influenced by seasonality.

Do you want to enhance the outdoor space for your guests and patrons? Do you want to increase income, drive down costs and reduces logistical nightmares?

Magique Mist offers the very best technologies in Evaporative Cooling and Infra-red Heating. All wrapped up in a classically designed and expertly crafted product, our ENSEMBLE UNIT. You are in control with accessible functions, mobility,  year-round use and swift selection between modes.

Contact us to discuss more profitable guest engagements and significant cost reductions?

Operating costs based on 5 hours of use per day for a 20 day period:

Heating Cooling
  kW Used Cost kW Used Litre Used Cost
Per Hour 15 R 26.10 2.75 156 R 11.79
Per Month 300 R 522.00 55 3 120 R 235.82
Per Annum 3 600 R 6 264.00 660 37 440 R 2 829.83

* Utility rates used are publicly available.