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Evaporative Cooling



The temperature of dry air can be significantly reduced through the phase transition of water to vapour also known as evaporation. High Pressure Dry Misting units achieve that phase transition by using only a fraction of the energy required by alternative solutions therefore making High Pressure Dry Misting a very cost effective solution to use when cooling is required. In addition in dry climates, evaporative cooling has the added benefit of conditioning the air through the addition of moisture in the air making the immediate area more comfortable. This method of cooling has been used for centuries and our High Pressure Dry Misting unit has refined this concept to make it affordable and far more effective.
By dispersing water into as many and as fine as possible micron sized droplets allows for the immediate increase in exposed water surface area. Therefore evaporation will happen faster and temperature reduction will be quicker. Normally droplets of 10μ (micron) and smaller will flash-Evaporate and this will allow for better cooling. High Pressure Dry Misting sounds like a very simple concept, but when build and applied correctly can yield dramatic and very comforting results!

Residential evaporative cooling

Do you enjoy being outdoors, or socializing by the pool? Maybe you love entertaining on the deck or just tending to the garden? Then High Pressure Dry Misting’s evaporative cooling is the perfect solution for you. Our range of High Pressure Dry Misting evaporative cooling products is perfect for those hot summer days. Cooling down is as easy as installing a few outdoor misting lines to the fascia of the patio or wall, attach these to the water supply, open the tap and you are in business, a refreshing cooling effect. Alternatively use our custom designed Micro Mist FrostFan kits to help you cool down quickly and efficiently.

Hospitality evaporative cooling

Restaurants, shops, open markets, pubs and shopping malls whether large or small wants to create a pleasant environment for their patrons to visit. Air-conditioning is an absolute must for any indoor area, but what about outside? Air-conditioning will be costly to run. A High Pressure Dry Misting evaporative cooling unit will most certainly deliver on the cooling required and will do so at a fraction of the cost. You will benefit from patrons staying longer and spending more on those long summer days when you provide them with a nice cool refreshing environment to relax in!