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Evaporative Cooling



Evaporative cooling is a process of cooling air through the evaporation of water. High-Pressure Dry Misting technology creates ultra-fine and uniformly sized water vapour particles of 10µ (Micron) or less. Flash evaporation of these vapour particles reduces temperatures fast and effectively. Additionally, in dryer climates, evaporative cooling has the added benefit of conditioning the air through the addition of moisture making the immediate area significantly more comfortable. Although this method of cooling has been around for centuries our innovative use of High-Pressure Dry Misting technologies has redefined the concept into an affordable and effective solution. Magique Mist’s High-Pressure Dry Misting products will yield dramatic and very comforting results!

Residential evaporative cooling

Do you enjoy being outdoors or socializing by the pool? Maybe you love entertaining on the deck or just tending to the garden? If so, Magique Mist has the right cooling product for you. Our range of easy to install, DIY evaporative cooling products is perfect for cooling down on those hot summer days. Whatever type of cooling you need we will have a product to fit the need and your pocket. We can also help you design and build your very own customised solution.

Hospitality and Industrial evaporative cooling

You own, manage or operate a restaurant, a shop, a pub or factory? Want to create a pleasant environment for your patrons, customers or workers? High-Pressure Dry Misting is the ideal solution for cooling any outdoor, open area or even a high ceiling factory. By creating the right ambience and making the open areas as comfortable as possible you will make patrons and customer return more often and stay longer and in a factory, you will enhance the working environment for your staff. The Magique Mist range of evaporative cooling products can help you create that cool refreshing environment that you need.