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What is the difference between Low, Medium and High Pressure Misting?

Low pressure misting system uses municipal pressure, 2-3Bar. They are in-expensive, but they lack the key element that makes misting effective. Without high pressure the water cannot be atomized into small droplets, which enables the cooling effect of flash evaporation. Medium pressure uses a inexpensive booster pump to increase the pressure from 3Bar to 8Bar. This increase in pressure allows for a better atomization of water into droplets, which in turn provides a better cooling effect. High pressure operate at between 45-70Bar, this allows water to be vaporized thus ensuring the driest and most effective cooling effect possible.

Is the quality of water important?

Yes, all our units are supplied with filters to clean out as much debris as possible from the water supply. However these filters will not remove dissolved salts from water which normally causes scaling. Excessive scaling will in time clog nozzles and feed lines. Regular maintenance must be done where scale deposits are a problem.

What is the minimum inlet water pressure required?

The minimum inlet water pressure must be above 2.5 Bar. The system will operate at it`s best when the inlet water pressure is between 2.5 – 3.0 Bar. If you are unsure test the inlet water pressure. Generally municipal water pressure will be around 3.0 Bar.

Can I clean the nozzles?

Yes, you can clean the nozzles by soaking them overnight in a solution of one part water and two parts household vinegar. NEVER CLEAN THE TIP OF A BLOCKED NOZZLE WITH A SHARP OBJECT.

Can I clean the feed lines?

Yes, you can clean the feed lines by flushing the lines with a solution of one part water and two parts household vinegar. In extreme cases the removal and manual cleaning of the feed line might be necessary.

Can the tubing be drilled?

Yes, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Polypropylene tubing can be drilled. Carefully measure and mark the required positions for drilling. Then use a 2.5mm drill bit to drill into the tubing, ensuring that you DO NOT drill right through the tubing. Clean away any debris from the drilled holes.

What is the best angle to install the nozzles at?

We suggest that where possible, place the nozzles at a 45° angle towards the ground

How often should the filters be replaced?

Filter cartridges should be replaced every 3 months or when the filter cartridge is noticeably dirty.

Must the system be serviced and how often?

Yes, it is good practice to service the unit twice per year, before and at the end of the summer season. Please contact Magique Mist if you require assistance with a service.

How much water does a misting system use?

That dependents on a couple of variables like the type of system used, the type and output of the pump used, the amount of nozzles installed, run time etc. A good indicator is to look at the flow produced by the pump. Normally stated in L/Min. A very general assumption is between 600ml and 800ml/Min per minute.

How much electricity does a misting system use?

Our Starter Kits do not require any electricity to operate. Our Medium and High Pressure kits requires minimal electrical input to operate and it is very energy efficient. On average our units will consume less energy that most kitchen appliances.

What is the minimum and maximum operating pressure?


Description Minimum pressure Maximum pressure
Micro Mist Starter and Extender Kit 2.5 Bar 4 Bar
Micro Mist Ultra Kit 2.5 Bar 10 Bar
Micro Mist High Pressure Unit – Polypropylene Tubing 20 Bar 45 Bar
Micro Mist High Pressure Unit – Aluminium Tubing 20 Bar 45-70 Bar
Micro Mist High Pressure Unit – Stainless Steel Tubing 20 Bar 45-70 Bar