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High-Pressure Dry Misting is a cost effective and easy way to improve or maintain Relative Humidity (RH) in areas where the failure to do so can negatively affect product or process quality.


Controlling humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the overall performance of operations. The overall profitability of operations can be enhanced by specifically setting, managing and maintaining humidity levels, air temperatures and fresh air exchanges. A key factor to consider is the ability to properly maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) with minimal moisture addition or addition fluctuations during production periods.

Air-conditioning systems can remove significant amounts of moisture from the air. This creates a lower percentage of Relative Humidity (RH) which is often noted by dry lips and the sensation of breathing dry air. As a rule of thumb, a Relative Humidity (RH) count of 55% is deemed to be ideal however, this is dependent on each individual situation and requirement.

High-Pressure Dry Misting Humidification systems can assist you to maintain these ideal levels of Relative Humidity is specific areas. Relative Humidity systems are generally defined as either “In-Room” or “In-Duct” depending on the customer requirement.



An “In-Room” system will typically involve the installation of a High-Pressure Dry Misting Unit with a specific number of High-Pressure Nozzles strategically located inside the space to allow for moisture addition. This High-Pressure Misting Unit will be coupled to one or more humidity probes which are installed in the same space. Information is dynamically fed from the probes to a Relative Humidity Controller unit. The High-Pressure Dry Misting unit will be activated via the controller to produce moisture in the space when the Relative Humidity level inside drops below the required “Low” set point. The unit will continue to operate until the “High” set point is reached at which stage it will stop producing moisture and return to a standby mode.

An” In-Duct” system will be identical in operation, but the installation of the High-Pressure nozzles will be inside the supply air ducts of the air-conditioning system. Humidity probes will be strategically placed inside the area that requires humidity control.

High-Pressure Dry Misting Systems can be used to humidify single of multiple areas simultaneously and is significantly less expensive to acquire, operate and maintain.

Magique Mist has a long-standing working relationship with Carel Controls SA to supply, support and assist with the design, specification and installation of Relative Humidity solutions to our customer base.