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About us



Magique Mist is a leader in the application and use of High-Pressure Dry Misting Technologies. High-Pressure Dry Misting Technologies is effectively used in a multitude of applications such as evaporative cooling, humidification, odour control and dust suppression. Magique Mist has successfully integrated our High-Pressure Dry Misting Solutions in various industries from hospitality to residential, mining to agriculture and many more. Magique Mist is your one-stop High-Pressure Dry Misting solutions provider that can assist you with the design, manufacture, installation and supply of quality misting components and misting based solutions.

Product development

The application and use of High-Pressure Dry Misting technologies are endless, and our focus on providing innovative solutions really set us apart from the rest. We also have a range of mist cooling products available which includes various low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure mist solutions. In addition, our market first Ensemble unit offers you IR heating and mist cooling capabilities in a single product from year-round use – dramatically reducing your dependence on alternative heating solutions.


Magique Mist products are sold and distributed nationally and internationally by our trained sales staff. We also have a web-store available, www.Magiquemist.co.za, where you can browse and purchase any item and we will have it conveniently couriered to you.


Magique Mist manufactures all our product in-house to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. We strive to support local business by sourcing from reputable and reliable local suppliers when needed. Our products are subjected to stringent quality tests and evaluations prior to delivery and are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty.