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About us



Since 2002 Magique Mist has been manufacturing and installing innovative and simply effective misting solutions.

Magique Mist will provide you with the best high-quality solutions for your misting requirements. Whether you require something small for your home or a turn-key industrial solution, Magique Mist can make it happen. Magique Mist products are class leading and of high-end quality. The Magique Mist team is committed, driven and ready to help you. Our focus is you the customer!

Our extensive and esteemed corporate and private customer base validate that we know what we are doing.

Product development

“Harness the wonders of water” explains why we are so passionate about what we do! The possible applications for High Pressure Dry Misting technologies are endless and by being focused on innovation really make us tick. No problem is too big or too small for us. Some of Magique Mist ’s original developed products include The Micro Mist Starter Kit, Micro Mist Extender Kit, Micro Mist Ultra Kit, Micro Mist Umbrella Kit, FrostFans, HumidiKits and ReddiKits and specialized components.


Magique Mist products are sold directly to the end user by our trained in-house sales staff. Alternatively you can purchase a unit and or components directly on our web site at www.Magiquemist.co.za. and have it conveniently couriered to yourself.


Magique Mist manufactures a number of our own components which are used in the assembly of our High Pressure Dry Misting Systems. Components that cannot be manufactured by us are sourced from only reputable and reliable suppliers, both national and international. Each system assembled or component manufactured is subjected to stringent quality tests and evaluations. Our products are designed, specified and manufactured for all conditions.