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Odour Control



High Pressure Dry Misting systems are ideal for eliminating odours associated with solid waste treatment facilities, microbial decomposition of animal waste, and noxious volatile compounds. Some of the more common problems include the gaseous release of carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and methane. Gasses like carbon dioxide and methane are odourless, but they are lethal. High Pressure Dry Misting offers unsurpassed value for money when dealing with odour control, whether used as a native solution or used as a delivery mechanism to dose biocides and anti-fungal products. Please contact Magique Mist to confirm compatibility of various chemicals with our High Pressure Dry Misting systems.

Effective sanitation

High Pressure Dry Misting droplets are highly effective carriers for sanitation/odour/fragrance liquids. These droplets average 2µ and 20µ microns in size, which greatly enhances its surface to air ratio and area. High Pressure Dry Misting systems use a potable water supply and can administer measured amounts of sanitizing/odour/fragrance liquid into the supply water before being atomized. Integrated digital dosing pumps allow dilutions to be very accurately controlled for optimum performance. High Pressure Dry Misting systems consist of an enclosed high-pressure pump station and digital dosing pump with build in safety features. Units can be installed in semi-open or enclosed spaces ranging from 20m² to 10 000m² or more. Units can also be installed in air-handling ducts of various sizes for humidification, sanitation or odour control purposes.