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0.2mm Complete High-Pressure Nozzle

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Magique Mist High Pressure Mist systems and kits all use a range of high pressure nozzles to deliver high quality, high volume dry mist. High pressure nozzles require a minimum pressure to open and operate. High pressure nozzles are classified as being non-drip as the nozzle will “close” immediately when the line pressure drop below the minimum opening pressure of the nozzle. Care should be taken to use these nozzles only in high pressure systems.

High pressure nozzles are easy to install and maintain. To clean these nozzles simply soak them overnight in a vinegar solution, rinse and then replace. Do not try to “open up” any blocked High pressure nozzles with sharp objects as this would permanently damage the nozzle and affect the misting pattern.

High pressure MTP nozzles are available in a wide range of sizes. Call us if you need help with deciding which is the best nozzle for you application.

Average droplet sizes are generally indicated as:

Steam/Mist 1µm – 50µm
Fog 50µm – 100µm
Drizzle 100µm – 300µm
Light rain 300µm – 1000µm
Heavy rain 1000µm – 5000µm

Complete High-Pressure Nozzle Specification:

Orifice size 0.2mm
Nozzle size 24mm x 9mm x 9mm
Nozzle weight 10g
Nozzle body 303 Stainless Steel
Nozzle O-ring Viton
Temperature range -50ºC – 230ºC
Thread 10/24
Flow rate @ 42 Bar 0.047 L/Min
Flow rate @ 70 Bar 0.067 L/Min
Droplet size spread rate 1.4µm – 37.9µm
Minimum pressure Higher than 22 Bar
Operating pressure 22 – 70 Bar
Maximum pressure 100 Bar
Closing pressure 22 Bar
Drip potential Non-drip
Packaging 1 x 0.2mm Complete High-Pressure Nozzle
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