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10” (20µm) Filter Cartridge

R 63.25

Magique Mist supplies a range of 10” filter cartridges that can be used in various applications including low, medium or high pressure misting systems.

These filter cartridges are easy to replace and will ensure that your systems operate at ideal levels.

Generally filter cartridges needs to be replaced when discolouring is noticed. The interval of replacement will depend on the quality of the water source used. It is paramount to note that these filter cartridges will reduce contaminates to the indicated levels, however these units are not designed to remove dissolved salts in water. If you have a problem with excessive calcification of equipment it is best to review alternative methods of filtration.

Please contact us if you require assistance with filtration.

10” (20µm) Filter Cartridge Specification:

Cartridge filtration level (µm) 20µm 
Cartridge media String wound – Polypropylene, Bleached Cotton
Filter maximum temperature 27ºC
Dimension (LxWxH) 254mm x 61mm
Weight 216g
Packaging 1 x 10” (20µm) Filter Cartridge