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Brass Compression Union

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Magique Mist supplies a range of high quality Compression fittings that can be used with our High Pressure Dry Misting solutions. These compression fittings are ideal for use with 10mm Polypropylene, Aluminium or 316 Stainless Steel tubing.

No hassle no fuss!!

Have a question or two about compression fittings? Give us a call and our trained staff will gladly assist you.

Compression Union Specification:

Tubing size 10mm
Compression union size 45mm x 22mm x 22mm
Compression union weight 70g
Compression union body Brass – Nickle Plated
Compression union thread 3/8”
Compression ferrules 2
Temperature range 50ºC
Maximum pressure 100 Bar
Drip potential Unlikely if fitted properly within pressure range
Packaging 1 x Brass Compression Union
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