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High-Pressure Polypropylene Tubing (30m)

R 568.04

High pressure Polypropylene tubing can only be used in High Pressure misting application.

High pressure tubing allows for higher operating pressures to be maintained, offers higher than average corrosion protection and is aesthetically more pleasing when installed.

Magique Mist has a range of alternative tubing options available, contact us should you need any assistance with your tubing related questions.

High-Pressure Polypropylene Tubing Specification:

Tubing type Natural Polypropylene
Tubing use High Pressure
Tubing size – OD 10mm
Tubing size – ID 7.5mm
Tubing operating pressure 2 Bar to 70 Bar
Tubing maximum pressure 80 Bar
Tubing maximum temperature 45ºC
Packaging  1 x 30m roll
Weight Approx 1, 5 Kg
Dimensions 300mm x 100mm


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