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UltraKit Pump

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Having a problem with the low pressure from you incoming water supply? The quality and quantity of misting you are getting not what you had in mind? Why not boost the water pressure with an easy to install Micro Mist UltraKit Pump?

The UltraKit Pump unit is designed for easy installation in applications where the incoming water supply pressure is 2.5 Bar or less. The UltraKit Pump should be installed between the low pressure water supply and the misting lines and nozzles used.

The UltraKit Pump will boost the water pressure to the nozzles to approximately 6 Bar significantly increasing the quality and quantity of mist supplied which in turn will provide more effective cooling.

Not only will the unit increase the quality of the misting, but it will also reduce the risk of moisture precipitation.

Micro Mist UltraKit Pump specifications:

Type Diaphragm
Flow rate 1.2 LPM
Minimum inlet water pressure 2.5 Bar
Operating pressure 5 – 6 Bar
Maximum pressure 8 Bar
Volts 220 VAC
Amps 0.7A
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Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 300.00 × 175.00 × 385.00 mm