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Nozzle Blanking Plugs

R 9.37

Brass nozzle plugs are used to blank off nozzle bodies. Generally nozzle bodies can be banked off when that particular misting nozzle, which if fitted to the nozzle body is not needed.

Nozzle plugs can be used in low, medium or high pressure misting systems.

Nozzle plug specifications:

Orifice size None
Nozzle plug size 10mm x 9mm x 9mm
Nozzle plug weight 2g
Nozzle plug body Brass
Nozzle plug O-ring NBR (Nitrile-butadiene Rubber)
Temperature range -26ºC – 120ºC
Thread 10/24
Operating pressure 0 – 70 Bar
Maximum pressure 70 Bar
Packaging 1 x Nozzle plug