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Single DryMist Aluminium Nozzle Body

R 51.16

DryMist Aluminium Nozzle and Stainless Steel Bodies are exclusively manufactured for Magique Mist to be used in all our misting products. DryMist bodies reduce the risk of leaks and component connection failures as they easily slide over our 10mm tubing, no need to cut and refit spray lines during installation.

DryMist bodies allow for 360º adjustments on the spray line by simply turning the nozzle body and nozzle to the required direction. On the first time installation it is always best to set the nozzle body and nozzle at a 45º degree angle to the floor. Further adjustments can then be made as required.

DryMist bodies have been pressure tested to upwards of 100 Bar pressure and are supplied with NBR (Nitrile-butadiene Rubber) O-rings, but Viton O-rings can be used if need be.

Be sure to let us know when you order and we will handle accordingly.

Simngle DryMist Aluminium Nozzle Body Specification:

ID Size 10mm
DryMist Body size 30mm x 22mm x 22mm
DryMist Body weight 12g
DryMist Body Aluminium
DryMist Body O-rings NBR (Nitrile-butadiene Rubber) or Viton
Temperature range -50ºC – 230ºC
Thread for nozzle 1 x 10/24
Minimum pressure 2 Bar
Operating pressure 2 – 70 Bar
Maximum pressure 100 Bar
Packaging 1 x Single DryMist Aluminium Nozzle Body