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Low Pressure Tubing

R 204.81


Low pressure (LDPE) tubing is ideal for use in a low and medium pressure misting application.

Low pressure tubing is cost effective and extremely easy to use. Low pressure tubing can be used with Pushlock fittings for a cost effective and easy installation.

Magique Mist has a range of alternative tubing options available, contact us should you need any assistance with your tubing related questions.

Low Pressure tubing specifications:

Tubing type LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)
Tubing use Low and medium pressure
Tubing size – OD 10mm
Tubing size – ID 7.5mm
Tubing operating pressure 2 Bar to 10 Bar
Tubing maximum pressure 10 Bar
Tubing maximum temperature 125ºC
Packaging 1 x 20m roll
Weight 980g
Dimensions 300mm x 100mm