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Magique Mist manufactures, supplies and installs automated High Pressure Dry Misting systems. These systems are often used for clean in place sanitation. Magique Mist developed High Pressure Dry Misting technology on home soil specifically for the local market. Through ongoing research and development the system was refined to produce billions of super fine droplets smaller than the diameter of a human hair. These droplets are so fine that virtually no residual moisture is noticeable after operation. Hence the reference to “Dry Misting”

Water dropslet as carriers for sanitation liquids

High Pressure Dry Misting droplets are highly effective carriers for sanitation liquids. Dry Misting droplets average 10µ microns in size, which greatly enhances its surface area coverage. Dry Misting droplets containing a sanitation solution would coat all surfaces, cracks and crevices with a microscopic film, killing any microorganisms on contact. In an atmosphere filled with billions of micron-sized droplets, airborne microbial spores have little chance to escape.

Dry Misting systems use a potable water supply (mains or other) and administer measured amounts of sanitizing liquid into the supply water before being atomized. Integrated digital dosing pumps allow dilutions to be very accurately controlled for optimum performance.

High Pressure Dry Misting Systems

High Pressure Dry Misting systems consist of an enclosed high-pressure pump station and digital dosing pump with all necessary safety features, a fully automated control system, high-pressure stainless steel atomization lines with 0.15mm, 0.2mm and 0.3mm orifice nozzles and flexible high-pressure feed lines where necessary. Dry Misting systems allows for a great amount of flexibility and can be tailored to suit most requirements. Systems can be installed in semi-open or enclosed spaces ranging from 20m² to 5000m² or more. Systems can also be installed in air-handling ducts of various sizes for humidification, sanitation or odour control purposes. High Pressure Dry Misting systems are considered a superior method for sanitation due to its excellent surface area coverage, marginal water and electricity consumption and labour saving qualities.