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Visual Effects



High Pressure Dry Misting is a brilliant and creative way to enhance and create visual effects. Using various types of nozzles in specialized configurations an ordinary forest may be transformed into a tropical forest, a waterfall enveloped in early morning fog, a dragon breathing fire, or many other effects to create something out of the ordinary and magical.

Unique method of adding misting effects

For a unique method of adding misting effects to specific areas, High Pressure Dry Misting visual effects is the solution. High Pressure Dry Misting allows for the subtle introduction of misting effects into any environment or situation. High Pressure Dry Misting nozzles can be located in clusters or placed throughout the area for an entrancing effect like no other. The unique rotating capability of the DryMist Nozzle Bodies allows the fog to be directed and controlled for maximum effect. Dramatic and wonderful effects can be created by using a quick and easy to install High Pressure Dry Misting System.


High Pressure Dry Misting systems provide the ideal solution for cooling events, gatherings, outdoor activities, sports attractions, music festivals, beer tents and VIP tent areas. Whether you are an events company or event organiser, contact us for a wide range of cooling solutions that you can buy or rent directly from us.

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